Competition Winner!

March 17, 2016

I ran a competition in conjunction with Kallikids; a rapidly growing network of services for parents and kids and all recommended by parents. There's some great stuff on here so have a look


Now this isn't the normal way I like to work of course as I'd take time out to meet the client and take the photos myself to ensure high enough quality to work from. However for the purposes of the competition since it was open to anyone in the UK and I'm based in London I invited the winner to submit submit any photo of their choosing for an A4 pencil portrait. It could be a pet, an adult, a child or anything really - I was open to suggestions.




Hayley wanted a portrait of her beautiful, cheeky-looking baby son 'Noah'. She supplied a variety of photos so I could get a really good idea of our subject. Her only stipulation was to finish it in time if I possibly could for her mum's birthday as she'd love to give it as a surprise.