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polaroid of Lucy SM Johnston artist / writer / photographer

Hi, I'm Lucy. 

Lover of art, cake and fine wines (ok - my bar for wine is actually quite low - it's just wet and red)


I like nothing more than getting my fingers silver-grey dirty from pencil lead and I love drawing, taking photos and painting. 

I believe art should be accessible to everyone and that walls need originality to feel happy.

You can find me in the depths of my East London studio fending off help from my studio assistant Weej, the cat and avoiding the kids (not really...well, sometimes)

Lucy graduated from Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design. Her work has been featured in the Telegraph, the Times, Campaign Magazine and Livingetc Magazine as well as highly recommended by The London Baby. She works from her studio in East London undertaking commissions as well as her own projects. More examples of her work can be found at

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