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Do you have a treasured image you'd love to see immortalised as fine art?


Do you need a unique gift to celebrate a special event, or maybe you have a crazy idea in your head you'd love to see come together? Contact me now and let's chat about the possibilities. 

No filters, digital printouts or AI, just pure pencil on fine grade cartridge paper lovingly reproduced by an award winning artist and not a computer. 

pencil pencil portrait of 3 year old girl by Shutter and Sketch

 "I love my portrait so much! You’ve captured him perfectly and I know this going to make me ache for his lovely toddler looks in years to come. "

Artist Lucy SM Johnston is Shutter & Sketch creating beautiful, affordable pencil portraiture of children and adults (and pets too...) from her East London Studio. 

What people say...

" My grandad passed away 8 years ago and was a great influence on my life, it would have been amazing if he could have met my daughter. The next best things was receiving a drawing of him

holding her. I'm not afraid to say I cried my eyes out receiving it, the likeness of them is uncanny. I couldn't be happier."


" It is absolutely breath-taking looking at your child’s face, their expression so beautifully captured created completely and totally in thousands of pencil marks. My husband and I cannot stop staring at the portrait Lucy did for us of our son and have commissioned one for our daughter. "


" The portrait of our children is simply stunning – and I cannot thank you enough.  You have captured them perfectly and we will treasure this forever. Thank you also for making it so easy for us from the first meeting and photoshoot to the emails keeping me up to date."


" We LOVE it. You really managed to capture him! And he can't stop staring at himself - I think he's confused!


Thank you so much, we couldn't be more pleased with it. "


" Lucy's portrait of my friend's pup (Boston Terrier) was amazing and very life-like. The reaction that I got when my friend saw his gift was wonderful - he was emotional and overjoyed. The portrait was worth every penny and it truly was the best gift he received for his birthday. Thank you!" -


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